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What is IT Support Outsourcing?

It means utilizing IT experts from outside the organization entity to plan, setup, manage and maintain the IT infrastructure of the organization. The decision to outsource IT services benefits the organization in overall costs of procurement and maintaining the IT hardware and software, make more efficient use of labor, capital, technology and resources for other business projects, increase the performance standards of the business, increase of the business activities, save time, and gives many more other competitive business advantages.

Why outsource to us?

  • More than 10 years of SME Support Experience
  • Industry leading IT Support Company with certified and experience IT engineers in Microsoft products, and various types of Servers, Networking, Hardware and Software Applications products.
  • World class customer service with Customer Ticketing and Help desk Login Portal
  • All types of Supports and Services such as Phone Support, Email Support, Remote Support, Onsite Support, Consultation Services, Procurement Services and Implementation/Integration Services.

Semiconductor Testing Service

Semiconductor chips are rapidly increasing in complexity, requiring mode advanced test systems and capabilities. We provide customers with test program development as well test planning services on-site and remote support as well.

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